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Your child's first ski lesson in Verbier

Give your kids their best start possible skiing

Our friendly team of kid-specific ski instructors will take your child from a first-timer to the master of the slopes in no time. Just watch them fall in love with skiing and guarantee them a lifetime of winter fun.

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Typical beginner children ski lesson with the Snow family

Meet & greet to break the ice

Get the feel for
the snow

Fly up the hill on a magic carpet and make the first turns

Hot chocolate break and snowman building

Ski through play with little snow tigers, bunnies, and pilots

Private .vs group ski lessons


Ready for your first ski lesson? That's great! There are lots of ways your child can learn to ski, from formal lessons with child-specific instructors to informal lessons with family and friends. You'll have two options: private and group ski lessons. Each type of lesson will have advantages that we summarise here >

Snow family Verbier Ski School Childrens Ski Lessons.jpg
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Are you new to snow?

Holiday packing with kids can be an overwhelming experience even for most organized moms! We've put together a basic list that will help you prepare your child for their best day on the slopes:

Children ski slopes in Verbier


There are four main ski slopes suitable for children to progress from never-ever to green and blue slope skier. At Snow family Verbier we usually start our lessons at Les Essert's baby slope. You can learn more about the beginner areas in this blog post >

Snow family Verbier Ski School Childrens Ski Lessons.jpg
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