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Children Private .vs Group Ski Lessons

You want your child to enjoy their first ski experience and the ski holidays are just around the corner! There is a handful of ways for your child to learn to ski or snowboard from formal lessons with qualified ski instructors to informal lessons with friends and family. If you want your child to progress fast, and be able to join you for a ski in 1-2 seasons you should consider booking a ski lesson with professionals. There are two options when it comes to ski instruction: private and group ski lessons.

Each type of lesson will have its advantages and disadvantages, we have summarised the ones that stand out the most in the below blog post;

Private Ski Lessons

At Snow family, combined our instructors have more than 50 years of teaching experience with children. Together we created special private ski lessons that focus on early ski development.

Here is why we believe private ski lessons are the best way to instruction that guarantees faster progression compared to group lessons:

Personal Growth: In private lessons, your child's ski instructor will help set goals and then work specifically towards achieving them which will result in a lot more personal growth than you would from group ski lessons. Children attending private ski lessons develop a better understanding of their surroundings and tend to ski more safely from the beginning.

Individual attention: We believe in the power of 1-1 coaching. Individually tailored attention is the main reason why you might choose private ski lessons over group ski lessons. We believe every child learns to ski a little differently. During group lessons, it is impossible for our ski instructors to cater to every pupil's individual needs - children are required to follow a standard process - with private ski lessons, the day is 100% tailored to your child's needs.

Accelerated skill development: It is key to develop "good-skiing habits" early on as it becomes increasingly more difficult to correct them later on. During private ski lessons, instructors focus on developing the correct technique early on in the journey and will get your child back on track in no time. During group lessons, it is, unfortunately, easier to literally "slide-by" with bad habits. Skiing fast or skiing down in a "pizza" on a black mogul run is not equal to skiing well.

Own your pace: In a group lesson environment, there is a standard lesson plan that children need to follow regardless of their progression. If your child is an exceptional talent they will be certainly bored in the class however if they have difficulties they will be left behind. Either way, it is difficult to progress at your own pace in a group lesson environment. Private lessons offer flexibility to move as fast or as slow as needed and have a break when thirsty, hungry, or simply tired.

Tailored Fun: Our ski instructors are your child's best friend on the mountain. They are a role model that knows how to motivate and teach them through play. With years of experience, our child-specialist ski instructors know how to overcome big "firsts", understand "fears" and are able to set a good progression curve to overcome them through play. At the end of the day or mission is for kids to have fun and have the best day possible on the mountain - wanting more the next day and for years to come!

On your time: Private lessons come with flexibility. You start and finish when you want to and where you want to at the slopes, your chalet - it's up to you. You can also enjoy a lunch break with kids on the mountain. It's perfect for families who want full flexibility on their holidays.

If all the above sounds appealing, check out our private kids' ski lesson program.

Group Lessons

Like private ski lessons, group lessons certainly have their own benefits. Here are some of the perks of booking group ski lessons instead of private ones.

Social experience and fun: Your child will get a chance to meet and interact with new kids from all over the world perhaps developing some new social skills. Kids are actually fantastic when it comes to supporting each other, and a little social pressure from peers shouldn't be underestimated.

Cost: Group lessons are certainly more affordable. If you have a fixed budget for holidays, and private lessons won't make a cut - group lessons are a great option to get your child to experience skiing and pick up a few pointers on the way.

At Snow family Verbier we offer private kids' ski lessons and coaching and would love to meet you! You can find more about our private lessons here, and if you are new to Verbier - this guide will make your life easier!

See you on the slopes,

Snow family Team


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