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LEVEL 1 I have never skied before. In this level, you will learn how to use your equipment, familiarise yourself with sliding down the hill for the first time, and how to stop using a snowplow. You will also learn to make a slight direction change while skiing on GREEN terrain.


LEVEL 2 Have skied before at some point and can stop. Able to perform a confident snowplow and slight direction change. Level 2 focuses on improving your snowplow turns so that you can control your speed on BLUE slopes, avoid obstacles and go where you want to go!


LEVEL 3 Able to link snowplow turns on a beginner slope. In level 3, your instructor will help you to turn with your skis in more of a parallel position. This will reduce strain on your legs and allow you to ski faster with more control on BLUE terrain.

LEVEL 4 Almost parallel on blue runs. Skis are still in a snowplow some of the time. A level 4 lesson will refine your turns so that your skis remain parallel at all times. This instills confidence to take your skiing to steeper BLUE terrain and easy RED slopes.

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LEVEL 5 Completely parallel with no snowplow on all blue runs, almost parallel with some snowplow during turns on red runs this level, your instructor will focus on skills such as edging so that you have more grip while skiing. This will strengthen your ability to control speed and assist you when skiing RED slopes. You may also be introduced to groomed BLACK slopes.

LEVEL 6 Completely parallel on all red runs, almost parallel on black runs. Starting to ski off-piste, small moguls and experimenting in a beginner terrain park. Level 6 focus on tactics and variations in your turn size so that you can control your speed and feel at ease on steeper RED runs, BLACK runs and off-piste terrain. This level will also improve your TERRAIN PARK skills if this is your goal.


LEVEL 7 Confidently skiing parallel on groomed black runs. Starting to do short parallel turns and experiment in the bumps, tree, and powder. Able to ski through intermediate terrain park. In level 7, your coach will focus on the efficiency of your skiing on all BLACK runs. You will explore different tactics and movement patterns in the moguls and powder. If the TERRAIN PARK is your goal, your coach will help you with more difficult tricks on larger terrain park features.


LEVEL 8 Skis all terrain confidently. Carving all groomed runs, Carving short turns. Confidently skiing mogul lines, trees and powder. Comfortable skiing all terrain parks. This level is about strengthening and refining your technique to improve efficiency, performance and understanding in all turn types, on all terrain. What you improve at this level really depends on your objectives, whether it be powder, steeps, moguls, terrain park, carving, freestyle or you just wanted to be guided around the mountain.




LEVEL 1 I have never snowboarded before. In level 1, you will learn how to use your equipment, how to get around on the flat, and also how to sideslip and "falling leaf" so that you can start to negotiate GREEN terrain.


LEVEL 2 Able to perform toe-side and heel-side falling leaf. It's time to turn! In this lesson, you will learn the basics of both heels and toe side single turns making it easier to avoid obstacles and ride where you want to ride on GREEN terrain.


LEVEL 3 Able to make a basic toe-side and heel-side turn but not yet link the two. Level 3 will guide you through linking your single turns so that you can make fluid turns down BLUE slopes. This allows you to ride faster.


LEVEL 4 Confidently linking turns down most Blue runs. In this level, you will learn to refine your turns so that you can start to attack steeper BLUE and easy Red runs. You will also start to ride easy terrain "switch" (backward) and learn entry-level freestyle maneuvers.



LEVEL 5 Able to ride red runs, start to ride switch and experiment in the beginner terrain park. Focus on varied terrain and building skills to ride the whole mountain. You will also expand your TERRAIN PARK skills and start riding switch with confidence!


LEVEL 6 Confidently riding on all red runs. Able to ride black groomed runs. Starting to ride the halfpipe, boxes, off-piste, powder, and confidently riding switch on blues. Level 6 is all about strengthening your riding to the point of riding all RED and BLACK run with ease. You will start to learn off-piste/powder techniques and be challenged on larger TERRAIN PARK features such as the halfpipe. Your switch riding will also be improved to the point of riding all RED runs switch!


LEVEL 7 Confidently carving all groomed runs. Riding powder, trees and steep off-piste with ease. Able to ride intermediate terrain park and perform grabs, board slides, and 180 spins. Riding switch on reds. In level 7, your coach will improve your riding on all BLACK slopes, steep off-piste runs, and trees. You will also learn new spins and grabs in the air and work towards the Advanced TERRAIN PARK.


LEVEL 8 Rides all terrain confidently both regularly and switch. Able to perform advanced freestyle maneuvers in the advanced terrain park. This level is all about tweaking your technique in the areas that you want to improve. Whether you want to work on powder, steeps, park, carving, freestyle or you just want to be guided around the mountain, your coach will be there to help!

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