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Why choose us?

The idea of Snow Family started forming in 2015 when our founder Matthew started teaching skiing in Verbier privately. Since then we have built a strong and loyal team of experienced and qualified instructors.

Our philosophy is to have the best day possible on the mountain and do our very best every day. We exist for our clients' progress and challenge them to ski the next level following a safe learning curve.

We hire the-best-of-the-best. We choose our team of instructors based on their personality, qualifications, and extensive experience. Our instructors are fun, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient, and clear communicators.


Paired with an immense passion for skiing, extensive local knowledge, and a love for what they do with one goal in mind ensuring you have a great day on the mountain.

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Matthew Kimber

SWISS BREVET FEDERAL | 15 seasons in Verbier

What clients say about Matthew: fun, knowledgeable, patient, attentive

Matthew lives for students' progress. Whether it's improving your piste technique or making first turns in deep powder you will "ski away" with a newly found boost of confidence.


Matthew's passion is Mogul competitions, you have never seen a ski instructor casually pulling backflips everywhere.  When Matthew is not skiing he is a great Tennis sparring partner.

Andras Szecskay

SWISS PATENTE, BASI ISIA & IMS 4 | 9 seasons in Verbier

What clients say about Andras: fun, goal-oriented, supportive, attentive

Andras makes skiing effortless and will push your abilities to the next level. He is known to find empty pistes on peak weeks and every pocket of powder on itineraries for you to get the best ski experience.​

When Andras is not on skis you'll find him on a mountain bike coaching and guiding clients. Andras is a true mountain biking champion with many national and international podiums under his belt.

Andras Szecskay Ski Instructor Snow family Verbier.jpg
Lauta Galan Snow Family Verbier Private Ski Instructor.png

Lauta Galan

PSIA Ski & Snowboard Instructor, Children Specialist | 8 Seasons

What clients say about Lauta: energetic, goal-oriented, trusting, perceptive

Passion for the outdoors changed Lauta’s life, switching attorney’s office for ski slopes. Besides delivering high-quality ski lessons he is a true globe trotter, who loves to make new experiences with his clients visiting whooping 24 international destinations.

Lauta is a true athlete. During the off-season, he enjoys instructing kitesurfing, skydiving, and many other extreme sports! Back in the time, was a Taekwon-Do Argentinian team representative.

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Ella Jonas

Swiss Snowsports Ski Instructor ZA | 6 seasons in Verbier

What clients say about Ella: fun, enthusiastic, supportive, patient

Ella enjoys skiing on the cruisey pistes of Verbier's sunny bowl, she has extensive knowledge of the local terrain and landscape and is very patient and caring. She also knows the best spots to slurp hot chocolate. Perfect for kids and beginners. 

When Ella is not skiing she is riding her mountain bike and SUP-ing on Alpine lakes.


This could be you

We're Hiring!

Are you looking for a job as a ski instructor?

Head over to our career page, where you can apply for a job with us. Learn how to become a ski instructor and what are the requirements to work as a ski instructor in Switzerland.

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