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Powder days are worth protecting

We are Verbier's first ski school with sustainability commitment tightly knitted into our values and ways of operating.


We probably won't solve the climate crisis, but we work to minimize our impact from our backyard one step at a time.


For every booking, we plant a tree in Europe.

A carbon footprint of a single day of skiing is 48.9 kg CO2. Over a lifetime of 100 years, one tree absorbs around 1000 kg of CO2.

A single tree won't change the world overnight but little by little we are making the earth a greener and cooler place.

Our sustainability journey doesn't end here. We are careful about our daily choices, and how we run our business to preserve and regenerate the environment for future generations to enjoy the winter thrills.

Tree Planting
Planting New Trees
1 tree = 20 days of skiing

Average carbon footprint of a single ski day.

Snow Family Verbier Carbon Footprint 1 ski day (2).jpg

Ski uniforms that do good

The ski uniforms that protect us, must also protect our planet. We choose high-quality Patagonia uniforms that are made from sustainably sourced materials that our instructors can wear for multiple seasons. If they tear, we choose to repair or recycle them through Patagonia's Worn Wear program.

Patagonia is now led by a nonprofit trust created to funnel its profits —  $100 million a year —  to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land.

By 2050 we can expect a 20-30% decrease in fresh snow days at altitudes above 1500m.
80% of Swiss glaciers are located in Valais. By 2050 they could reduce by half.

Online First Customer Service

Switzerland's Overshoot Day* is on the 13th of May. If everyone lived like people in Switzerland we would need 2.8 Earths.

All of us collectively can push the needle with our everyday choices. Therefore we will never have a standalone booking office, we are paperless (as much as we can) and operate fully online.

*Overshoot Day marks the nation has used all the resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year.

Sustainable ski resort

Ski lifts are run with renewable energy from locally sourced hydro power.

The lift network is being modernized with the most energy-efficient motors.

Modern energy efficient piste makers.

Measuring snow depth to optimize snow making.

Modern snow makers which produce high-quality snow and use less water.

Learn more about Verbier's environmental impact > 

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