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Is Verbier good for skiing?

In this post, we will cover why we think Verbier is an unmatched top ski destination and loved by many! We've asked our co-founder Andras what does he like about Verbier, and he explained;

What is skiing like in Verbier?

'When I first arrived at Verbier I was impressed by the sheer size of this place. There is 410km of ski pistes suitable for every ski level. It's a paradise for intermediate and expert skiers and there are great slopes for beginners too! I particularly love how well connected the 4 Valleys are - you can reach the whole area without clicking off your skis only taking ski lifts.'

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Is Verbier good for beginners?

'Verbier in all is not particularly a beginner resort as a whole. However, in the Verbier sector, you will find a handful of easily accessible sunny slopes perched at south-facing terraces with wide runs to cruise down which are perfect for never-evers and those who wish to build their confidence one turn at a time.'

You can find more info in our post about beginner slopes in Verbier.

Is Verbier good for advanced skiers?

'If you are an advanced skier who loves variable terrain you will fall in love with Verbier. Those who are confident skiers should definitely give the untreated yellow pistes Chassoure-Tortin and Mt Gele (and much more) a try. You get the experience of off-piste heli-skiing without the price tag.'

Is Verbier better than Zermatt?

'Short and sweet, I think yes. Verbier has more sun thanks to its south-facing location - so the golden hour is longer and sweeter. And when it comes to infrastructure It has better mountain and piste access - in Zermatt, you can easily get stuck in the morning lift rush hour while in Verbier there are ways to avoid it or minimize the queue to bearable.'

We can't wait to take you for a ski!

Snow Family Team


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