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Best ski school Verbier

Verbier has a large variety of ski schools to choose from, which can be overwhelming. However not all ski schools are created equal and there is a handful of factors that separate average ski schools from the best.

Ski instructor experience and qualifications

Ski instructors seem to fall into two categories. Those who fancy doing a season as a "ski-bums" between college years and those who invest years into snow sports training, pursue high ski instructor qualifications, and seek employment as professional skiers.

When reviewing ski school websites, always take an extra time to review the about and team section. Search for ski schools which transparently share and talk about the instructor qualifications. There is a big gap between instructors with 2-3 weeks of training and those with years of experience.

At Snowfamily, our team of highly qualified ski instructors falls into latter. Besides the ski qualifications we carefully select our team of instructors based on their personality and experience. Our instructors are fun, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient, and clear communicators.

Paired with an immense passion for skiing, extensive local knowledge, and a love for what they do with one goal in mind ensuring you have a great day on the mountain.

-1 day experience

Does the customer-experience leading up to the lesson provide you with all the information you require? You can easily vet the ski schools based on the clarity of communication on their website.

Does the ski school have a special info pages dedicated to how to get ready for your ski lesson, including gear advice and meeting point? Is there a clear level and progression chart available where you can identify and track your skiing level. Are the pages that are dedicated to ski lessons informative and provide more than just sales-related pricing information.

And once you proceed with bookings, watch our for the service of client relations. Does your booking agent communicates clearly? Are the replies informative and attend your special needs?

Flexibility and attention to detail

Before hitting the slopes you want to make sure you have the right gear for your objectives. At Snowfamily Verbier we offer to meet our clients at a ski shop where your instructor can further discuss your goals and provide you with tailored advice on what gear to rent or buy - to ensure you have the best possible experience. A pair of boots and skis can really make or break your holidays.

Meeting points. Whilst most of the times we meet our instructors at main meeting points some clients want to start and finish their ski lesson at their chalets. At Snowfamily we understand that, there is nothing more stressful than the morning scramble. On request our ski instructors can meet you at your chalet - this will certainly make for a less stressful start to the day.

Your ski instructor is your best on-mountain concierge

Getting a table for lunch at the peak weeks can be stressful. You can ask our booking agents, or your ski instructor at the start of the week to plan for lunch ahead - ensuring the reservations for the lunch at the mountain are in place to avoid cueing in long lines or skiing late in the afternoon with depleated sugar levels and heavy legs.

We speak your language

When booking a ski lesson specify the preferred language of instruction. Our ski instructors speak the majority of main European languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. All Snowfamily instructors are fluent in English, the local language, and often a third language.

Hope to see you soon on the slopes!

Snow Family Team

1 Comment

Hi Snow Family,

We have had the pleasure of being guided/instructed by Lauta this week.

Put simply he is the best guide/instructor my family (including 3 mid to late teenage children, boys and girl) have ever had, by a long margin and we have been guided in US resorts, other Swiss resorts (eg Zermatt) and in Japan.

Your statement regarding your instructors being: ”fun, enthusiastic, supportive supportive, trusting, goal orientated, knowledgeable, y observant, respectful, patient and clear communicators” is 100% accurate, at least with respect to Lauta.

I would add two observations:

1) that he is exceptionally relatable to people of all ages and skiing ability and his ability to manage a group of 5 with significantly different capabilities…

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