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Verbier Ski Lesson Prices

You are thinking about booking a ski lesson in Verbier, Switzerland and you aren't sure how much ski instruction costs? Whether this is your very first ski holidays in Verbier and you are looking for an orientation guide, perhaps you are an experienced skier that wants to polish up your skills or it's the first time on snow for your kids - there are plenty of reasons why you are looking to book a ski lesson.

Budgeting ski lessons for your ski holidays is a good idea. There are many factors that will influence the final price of your ski lesson.

  1. Group .vs private lessons

  2. Time of the year

  3. The ski resort you are visiting

  4. Time of the day

Group .vs private lessons

While group lessons are certainly more affordable, your instructor will need to divide the attention between the entire group of 6 to 8 people. Whilst it is fun to learn with others if you are lagging a bit behind the group or you are the super-star you might find yourself lacking attention. Group ski lessons start with a strict schedule, and you can only book multi-day lessons.

3 x 3-hour group lessons start from CHF 300

Now, that we have an idea of group prices, let's move to private lessons. At Snow family Verbier we believe in focused private ski instruction. When you book a private lesson your ski instructor will give you their full attention and help to get your skiing to the next level - whether you are a beginner or advanced skier.

3-hour private lesson start from CHF 330

You can also book kids' private lessons. Snow family's private kids' ski lesson program was created with years of experience working on the mountain with children of all ages. Our patient and caring ski instructors will help your kids overcome many firsts and improve their ski skills step-by-step in a safe and controlled environment.

2-hour private kids ski lesson start from CHF 225

Finally, ski coaching. If you are an advanced skier and want to polish a special skill set such as off-piste skiing, moguls, or park; you want to book an expert ski coach. Just like with any other profession, ski instructors can hold various levels and qualifications. When you book a ski coaching clinic with a Snow family ski school you are booking a top-qualified expert ski coach.

3-hour ski clinics start from CHF 380

Time of the year

When you are planning your ski holidays is key to getting best rates. Ski lesson prices fluctuate based on demand. If you want to get the best value for money from your ski holidays (including your accommodation and sometimes lift passes) you want to avoid booking in the following weeks:

Christmas & New Year Week

February Mid-term (School Ski Holidays)

Easter Holidays

A peak and a non-peak price can vary as much as CHF 50 per day.

If you are planning your ski holidays during peak week book your ski lessons as early as possible to avoid missing out!

Ski Resort you are visiting

Ski lessons in Switzerland are pricier compared to other ski areas in Europe - if you are looking for cheaper options you might want to book lessons in France, Italy or Slovenia.

Time of the day

Nothing beats the early morning corduroy that piste bullies shaped perfectly or the fresh powder. However, if you aren't an early bird - that might come to your benefit. Some ski schools offer discounted half-day sunset lessons after 1-2 PM.

A morning and an afternoon lesson can vary as much as CHF 50.

At Snow family, we believe ski lessons are a lifetime investment. Skiing is like riding a bicycle, once you hone it you won't forget it even if you leave out potentially a decade. Ski lessons are a great value for money, you'll progress faster in a safe environment and you will never ski alone.

When you book your ski lesson, don't forget to ask about the ski pass requirements if you are unsure. In Verbier, there is a never-ever beginner ski area that doesn't require a lift pass, and the daily Les Esserts ski pass is cheaper than the Verbier sector or 4 Valleys pass.

You can learn more about what you need for your ski lesson here, we also have tips on where to rent your ski equipment in Verbier. If you are just getting acquainted with the Verbier ski map check it out here. If you are unsure about ski levels, or what the progression looks like you can learn about ski levels here.

Finally, we have probably the best team of ski instructors in Verbier, check them out here - and book your ski lesson with us!

See you on the slopes!

Snow Family Team


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